mercredi 22 août 2012

Integrated web apps in ubuntu 12.10

At first this might seem little more than the ability to open a dedicated web browser window with a web app — it’s much more than that. The Ubuntu WebApps is a new API that allows web applications to tightly integrate with Unity and make use of various features. The web-based applications can take advantage of the notification system, the HUD, the Launcher, and more. This means that, for example, when you have, say, a Google Docs file open, the Google Docs menu system will be directly accessible via the HUD (Head Up Display). Users will also have automatic integration between Google docs and the notification system (no more installing a third-party software). There is already an impressive list of sites that support the API: News Sites: BBC News ( CNN News ( m) Yahoo! News ( Google News ( m) Yandex News ( Google Reader ( Reddit ( Mail services: GMail ( m) Yahoo! Mail ( Yandex Mail ( QQ Mail ( Windows Live Mail ( Mail RU ( Social Networks: Facebook ( Twitter ( Google+ ( m) ( LinkedIn ( YouTube ( Tumblr ( Games: Cut the Rope ( Angry Birds (chrome.angrybi Lord of Ultima (lordofultima.c om) Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances (alliances.comm andandconquer. com) Office Apps: Google Docs ( m) Google Calendar ( Misc Launchpad ( ( Amazon ( Amazon Cloud reader ( m) Subway IRC For any developer that wishes to add their site to the list, go to the Ubuntu Web Apps API Documentation to get started.

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