mardi 21 août 2012

Installing App Inventor. Setup Software for GNU/Linux

You'll need sudo privileges to do the installation.

For systems that can install Debian packages
Use these instructions for systems that can install Debian packages (e.g., Debian or Ubuntu):

Download the Appinventor Setup installer Debian package . This is a file named appinventor-setup_1.1_all.deb (about 86 Megabytes). It is a Debian package installer file. The place it will end up on your computer depends on how your browser is configured. Typically, it will go into your Downloads folder.
If your system can install packages simply by clicking on the package file, then do that.
If your system doesn't support clickable package installers, then navigate to the directory where the file is located and run the command

sudo dpkg --install appinventor-setup_1.1_all.deb

With either method, you might need to ensure that the deb file as well as the directory it's in are world readable and world executable. On some systems, sudo does not have default privileges to read and execute all files.
The software will be installed under /usr/google/appinventor-setup.
You'll also need to configure your system to detect your device.
Linux Setup - App Inventor for Android
//TODO add explanation on how to install the sdk of android

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