vendredi 7 septembre 2012

Making Web Applications More Efficient

MIT News (08/31/12) Larry Hardesty

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers have developed Pyxis, a system that automatically streamlines Web sites' database access patterns, making the sites up to three times faster.  Pyxis currently works with programs written in Java, but the researchers note that adapting it to other languages only requires changing the code that translates programs into graphical models.  Pyxis automatically divides a program between application server and database server in a way that can be mathematically proven to not disrupt the operation of the program.  Pyxis also monitors the central processing unit load on the database server, increasing or decreasing the application logic needed to execute depending on its available capacity.  Pyxis transforms a program into a graph in which the nodes represent individual instructions in a program, and the edges represent the amount of data that each instruction passes to the next.  Pyxis also aims to find a placement of nodes on two different servers that minimizes the total cost of the program.  "Our tool is able to dynamically switch between them based on the current load on the server," says MIT's Alvin Cheung.

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