mardi 6 mars 2012

Stroustrup Reveals What's New in C++ 11

InfoWorld (02/24/12) Paul Krill

Texas A&M University professor Bjarne Stroustrup recently spoke with InfoWorld's Paul Krill about the past, present, and future of C++, which was recently upgraded via the C++ 11 release. "C++11 became an international standard late last year, and the C++ compiler purveyors are now busy implementing it," Stroustrup notes.  "Many features and the entire new standard library are already shipping."  He says C++ 11 will serve as standard and type-safe support for thread-level and lock-free concurrency, which is an improvement on the various non-standard concurrency libraries that have been available for C++ for decades.  In the future, Stroustrup says C++ will have improved support for lightweight concurrency, more libraries, and several new minor features.  He says C++ is more flexible and tends to perform slightly better than Java, C#, and other dynamic scripting languages.  C++ also has significant strengths compared to virtual machine-based languages when it comes to building infrastructure, according to Stroustrup.  "C++ can be competitive even where performance isn't a critical issue, but there the choice will be made more on the availability of libraries and developers than on the languages themselves," he says.

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