vendredi 9 mars 2012

Apple Adds Sharper Screen and Speed to New iPad

New York Times (03/07/12) Nick Wingfield

Apple unveiled a new version of the iPad that features a high-definition screen, a faster wireless connection, and several other refinements.  However, the iPad design itself went largely unchanged.  "In many ways, the iPad is reinventing portable computing and outstripping the wildest predictions," says Apple CEO Timothy D. Cook.  The most noticeable change to the new iPad is the screen, which Apple says provides better resolution than high-definition TVs and can display text and images that appear as sharp as they would on a printed page.  The new iPad also will operate on the fourth-generation cell phone network technology known as LTE.  Although the new iPad is somewhat heavier and thicker than the iPad2, its subtle hardware design changes reflect the fact that most of Apple's innovations happen in software, says analyst Charles Wolf.  Meanwhile, PC industry critics say the iPad is not well suited for creating content.  However, Apple sought to undermine that argument with several new applications, such as a new version of iPhoto, which edits digital photos, and a new version of GarageBand, which enables up to four people play together in a virtual band through wirelessly connected iPads.

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