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Five Myths of Cloud Computing
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Cost/Benefit Case for Enterprise Warehouse Solutions
Data warehousing has emerged as one of the IT world's fastest growth areas. Demand for high-quality, current information and for tools to interpret and exploit it shows no signs of abating. The report provides an in-depth comparison of three platforms designed for this purpose: IBM Smart Analytics System 7700, Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Teradata's flagship Active Enterprise Data Warehouse (Active EDW) 6650.  Results are based on input from 46 users of these systems and their recent predecessors, on other industry sources, as well as on research and analysis conducted by the International Technology Group.

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Five Myths of Cloud Computing
Cloud computing continues to grow in popularity among the IT industry. And more businesses are advertising that they are the front runner for providing the best cloud services. However, in this race to remain top dog, IT pros remain unsure of what cloud computing is and the benefits it can bring to their organization.
High Quality Apps -  Faster with Reduced Risk and Cost
Successful organizations are taking advantage of these new capabilities to produce smarter software applications and to carve out new niches in the marketplace. Software is the invisible thread of innovation that helps make ongoing innovation and growth happen. However, most organizations continue to struggle with leveraging their software investments for strategic differentiation.

Evolution of Legacy Network Infrastructure
The promise of the next-generation network is great - the seamless delivery of media-rich content, virtualization, mobility, and cloud computing. Migrating legacy infrastructures to achieve the high-performance you organization requires, takes time and strategic planning.  Understand the evolution of the enterprise network infrastructure to a high-performance next-generation network, from data center to edge. Topics covered include IPV4, IPV6, flexible network architecture, cloud computing, multi-vendor network management, mobility, unified communications, network convergence, and more. 
Defining the Next-Generation Server
Running a data center in today's enterprise computing environment is no easy task. Data center managers need to consolidate - saving power, floor space and other facility overheads, as well as use resources efficiently. They have to be able to manage and process vast datasets ("big data") and solve compute-intensive problems without losing the ability to run more routine computing needs. They need to be able to connect, as required, with new cost-effective cloud computing services.

Technology Fueling the Next Phase of Storage Optimization
IT organizations are plagued by issues of data growth, more stringent requirements for recovery time objectives (RTO's) and recovery point objectives (RPO's), and reduction in operational staff to manage it all.  Disk-assisted data protection aids in accelerating backup and recovery performance -- and data deduplication makes the economics of implementing disk-to-disk backup more feasible.  Today's most popular backup storage features deduplication, but doesn't address the long-term operational issues that arise as secondary storage environments expand.  

10 Tips for Better Server Consolidation
Every organization today is looking for ways to build faster services and accelerate the delivery of mission-critical applications while reducing costs. Improving server infrastructure is crucial to accomplishing these goals. Server consolidation achieved through virtualization is essential to this strategy. But how can you better utilize virtualization? 10 must-read tips that can help any IT manager better leverage virtualization technologies and more easily consolidate servers and improve the efficiency of their infrastructure.
5 Ways Your Anti-Malware Solution is Draining your Budget
As IT environments become more complex and the malware threat more burdensome, enterprise IT staffs are being forced to re-evaluate their anti-malware solutions. The solutions that worked yesterday are ineffective against today's threats that exploit mobile platforms, open source operating systems and the Web. Anti-malware is no longer a commodity and businesses find their current solution is costing them in ways they never before imagined.

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