dimanche 27 novembre 2011

Java is NO1 and Objective-C, C#, D Language: Winners in Programming Popularity

InfoWorld (09/12/11) Paul Krill

Java has been the top language for 10 years. but new language are comming, specially D...

Objective-C rose to sixth place on the Tiobe Programming Community index of most popular programming languages in September. Used for developing Apple iOS applications, Objective-C ranked eighth a year ago. C# has risen two spots from last year to become the fourth most popular programming language. Meanwhile, D, which is considered a potential successor to C++, returned to the top 20 for the first time since the middle of 2009, coming in at 20th place. Although the F# language, a functional language for Microsoft's .Net platform, has fallen out of the Top 20 after making its first-ever entrance at 20th place in August, it is expected to make a quick return because it represents a new generation of functional languages. Java remains first on the list, followed by C, C++, C#, and PHP, which has fallen from the fourth place spot. Objective-C, Visual Basic, Python, Perl, and JavaScript round out the top 10. Ruby, Delphi/Object Pascal, Lua, Lisp, Transact-SQL, Pascal, PL-SQL, Ada, RPG (OS/400), and D complete the top 20 ranking this month.

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