mercredi 24 octobre 2012

Contextual Intelligence: Smart Phones to Become Big Brother?

BYTE (10/22/12) Boonsri Dickinson

PARC researchers are developing contextual intelligence technologies that could enable enterprises and governmental bodies to use data in the same way citizens use mobile phones. The researchers say data mined from email messages, Facebook conversations, and phone sensors could be used for intelligence gathering, marketing and application design, and employee relations. PARC's Oliver Brdiczka says researchers are working on a project that predicts a person's personality based on their online behavior, with the goal of marketing this data to enterprises that want to know people's intent for targeted advertising or developing content customization. The researchers found that activity levels can help predict levels of happiness. The government could use this information to identify depressed soldiers, and companies could use it to determine if employees are unhappy. Unhappy people "get much less expressive, so the amount of sentiment goes down--both positive and negative," Brdiczka notes. Companies also could use the data to customize ads so they are more likely to be perceived as recommendations than advertisements. Brdiczka predicts that in the future contextual intelligence systems will be built into operating systems and will be able to assist users.

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