lundi 21 février 2011

Debian 6: First Impressions | Linux Magazine

Debian 6: First Impressions | Linux Magazine

Did Debian have a contest to redesign its graphics and it wasn’t made public? Did a third grader win that contest? Oh, the hallowed Debian developers must have had a fashion faux pas moment when deciding on a new look because this one makes me think it was designed for children or by children. It’s a good thing that once you’ve installed the operating system, you can change that horrid desktop background to something less kitchy. Other than the graphical goofs, Debian 6 is Debian and that’s a good thing.

The setup used for this article is a VirtualBox virtual machine with 512MB RAM, an 8GB dynamically expanding hard disk, and Debian 6.0.0 amd64 netinstall.

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