samedi 16 août 2008


The moodle team recently packaged a new release for the current 1.9 version of Moodle, as well as new releases for older 1.8, 1.7 and 1.6 versions.

Each of the new releases contains long lists of minor bug fixes (see the release notes for details). Thanks to all the developers and users who helped with finding and fixing these. [[yes]]

Several security vulnerabilities were also fixed in all versions, making it important that you upgrade existing Moodle sites.

Even if you can't make major upgrades in the near future, you should at least upgrade to the latest stable package for your version. (For example if you have 1.8 already, then it's very safe and easy to upgrade it to the new 1.8.6 because there are no new features, just bug fixes)

All releases are available, as usual, from the Moodle download site. smile

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