samedi 3 novembre 2007

Netbeans 6

NetBeans IDE 6.0 Beta 2 is now available for download. Beta 2 comes bundled with MySQL and PostgreSQL drivers, and improvements to Ruby code completion and Woodstock 4.1 Build 14.

The focus of NetBeans 6.0 is superior developer productivity with a smarter, faster editor, and the integration of all NetBeans products into one IDE. NetBeans IDE 6.0 features Ruby/JRuby/Ruby on Rails support, enhancements for improved Swing development, a new Visual Game Designer, updated Data Binding support, integrated Profiling, and more. Plus the new installer lets you customize your download preferences--choose the features and runtimes you need in one go.

There's only one way to discover why NetBeans 6.0 is the only IDE you need: Download it today!

For more information about NetBeans IDE 6.0 and the Beta2 release:

* NetBeans IDE 6.0 Release Page
* NetBeans IDE 6.0 Tutorials and Documentation
* NetBeans IDE 6.0 Detailed Feature List

The final NetBeans IDE 6.0 release is planned for late 2007.

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