mercredi 10 juillet 2013

EU and Japan Team Up for 100 Gbps Internet Connections (07/03/13) Dan Worth

A partnership between the European Union and Japan could lead to the creation of more efficient networks that can handle vast amounts of data. Researchers will undertake projects in areas that include cybersecurity, network capacity, storage, high-density data traffic, and energy efficiency. The Strauss project will focus on developing network technologies that offer speeds of 100 Gbps, which is about 5,000 times faster than the average European broadband speed of about 20 Mbps. Currently, 1.7 million billion bytes of data are sent per minute, but traffic volumes are expected to grow 12-fold by 2018, according to the European Commission. Researchers will design an advanced optical Ethernet transport architecture that leverages software-defined networking principles, optical network visualization, and flexible optical circuit and packet-switching technologies beyond 100 Gbps. "Our future Internet should know no barriers, least of all barriers created because we did not prepare for the data revolution," says the EC's Neelie Kroes.

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